Just east of OKC’s downtown business district is Bricktown, the city’s original warehouse and distribution center turned entertainment district. Founded just days after the Land Run of 1889, Bricktown was, and still is, a central hub connecting not only railroads and highways, but local citizens and visitors.

This thriving urban district is now home to more than 45 restaurants, bars, and retail shops, along with family-friendly attractions, a plethora of public art, museums, galleries, and the famous Bricktown Canal. The diversity of businesses, educational institutions, housing and leisure activities in this area make it a true 24/7 destination, one of the most distinct and historic in OKC.

There is a curfew in Bricktown for unaccompanied minors 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day.

Mailing Address
Downtown OKC
211 N. Robinson Ave., Ste 225
Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Chad Huntington, Chair
David Southard, Vice Chair
Paige Shephard, Treasurer
Jenna Byrnes, Past Chair

Avis Scaramucci

Scott Copelin
Sue Hollenbeck
Paul Kiley
Mike Knopp
Michelle Matthews
Melaina Moffatt
Scott Munz
Jennifer Nakayama
Major Dan Stewart
Lindsay Vidrine

Ben Bynum
Becky Chapman
Kevin Dunnington
Rob Farrah
Brittney Leemaster
Christopher Lloyd
Anish Patel
Charles Stout
Bryce Thompson
Ryan Williams

The Bricktown Board of Directors meet the 3rd Friday every month at 10am. Location varies. Open to Bricktown ratepayers, email Bricktown District Manager, Justin O’Neal, for more information.